John answers your appliance questions

Why does my refrigerator run all the time?

Refrigeration is the process of removing heat.  A thermostat in the fresh food section controls the temperature (On/Off) of the refrigerator's compressor.  Newer refrigerators have thinner walls and less insulation therefore the ambient heat load transfers quicker to inside the refrigerator causing the refrigerator to cycle on more frequently.

A dirty condenser coil slows down the heat transfer from inside to outside the refrigerator. Warm food placed inside adds to the running time as does worn door gaskets which allow heat to intrude. Restricted air flow vents also slows down the process.

Why do the burners on my range not work all the time?

Loose connections are usually the cause of intermittent operation. Sometimes a faulty control switch will produce the same symptom. 

How can I make my microwave pop all of the popcorn?
Most of the popcorn will pop if you do this:  Take a microwave safe pie plate and turn it upside down in the center of the microwave.  Place the popcorn on top of the upside-down plate and proceed with the popping instructions.

Why does my washer stop at the rinse cycle?

Most modern washers use cold water for rinsing clothes.  If the cold water side of the water valve is clogged or not otherwise working, the washer waits until the tub is filled before advancing through the cycle.  No water, no cycle.

What is the best setting for my refrigerator?

The factory has designed a mid scale position on thermostats as a typical setting.  If any adjustments are necessary, they should be in small increments and you should allow 24 hours for the refrigerator to stabilize before making further adjustments.

Why does my refrigerator leak water on the floor?

Modern frost free refrigerators melt ice and frost off the coils which creates water.  Some models use a heated catch pan to cause the water to evaporate while others use a simple drain hose which can easily become clogged.   In either case, the pan is usually small and will overflow.  That's what you're seeing.  A preventive maintenance program will eliminate this problem.

Why do my glasses come out of the dishwasher foggy?

This is usually the result of using too much dishwasher detergent.  Adjust the amounts of detergent used by considering the softness of the water.  Also the use of a rinsing agent such as Jet Dry will alleviate most of this.

How do I keep my garbage disposal from smelling?

You can prevent disposal "bad breath" by regularly running the disposal while putting ice cubes and cold water through the system.  This will break up the food and grease that has collected in the disposal which is the usual cause of the odor.  Finish the process with a piece of fresh citrus rind which will leave a pleasant scent.

Why does it take too long for my clothes to dry?

There are two components required for efficient dryer operation:  heat and air flow.  The thermostat setting (Regular - Perm Press - Heavy Duty) controls the setting.  If the venting system is obstructed in any way, even partially, the dryer cannot get rid of the moisture.  It is equally as important to keep the filter screen clean, preferable after each load.  Finally,   overloading the dryer is the most common cause of dryer inefficiency.

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